• Moonbabies Birth Services - Gina Penka Birth Kit

Moonbabies Birth Services - Gina Penka Birth Kit

Custom birth kit for clients of Moonbabies Birth Services
Gina Penka, SM

20x Underpads 30"x36"
1x Sterile Field
1x 8oz. Peri Bottle w/ Lid
12x Gauze Sponge Sterile 4"x4" 12ply 2pk
2x Cold Pack DLX w/adhesive
5x Lube Jelly Sterile 5gram packet
1x Scrub Brush Sterile Povidone
1x Povidone 4oz. bottle
4x Nitrile Glove Exam Singles, Sterile, Medium, Purple
3x Nitrile Glove Exam Pairs, Sterile, Medium, Purple
10x Alcohol Prep Pad Medium 2ply
2x bendable drinking straws
1x Wish Garden Peri Massage Oil
1x Wish Garden Sitzbath, soft pack 5oz.
1x muslin bag
1x AGA Cord Ring
3x Gentleheel® Lancet
3x Gauze Sponge Sterile 2”x2” 12ply 2pk
1x infant heel warmer
1x measuring tape, paper
1x super sani-wipe
Optional Waterbirth Kit: (Select yes or no below)
1x Pool Debris Net
1x Faucet Adapter, shower
1x Eco-Friendly Hose (25 foot or 50 foot)
1x Ocean Reef inflatable pool
1x vinyl protective tarp
Optional Postpartum Kit: (Select yes or no below)

8x Adult Sanitary Briefs (Depends Style)
2x packs Natracare Ultra Pads, Super Plus (12 pads)
1x Plastic Sitz Bath Disposable
1x 8oz. Peri Bottle w/ Lid
1x Wish Garden AfterEase tincture 1oz.
1x Infant foot print kit

All birth kits come packed in a custom Simply Birth premium non-woven polypropylene bag that is reusable for grocery shopping and more.